Jake Nabasny

Just another head in the clouds.


After ten years as an educator and researcher, I completed my PhD in Comparative Literature in 2020. My career as a scholar culminated in an award-winning dissertation about the history of eugenics, Paper Weapons: A Historical Epistemology of American Eugenics. Since then, I’ve published some of my more substantial works as books. Along with them, you can also find my other articles and translations (from French and Spanish) on this site. Although I continue to have a passion for philosophy, history, and literature, I have professionally moved away from scholarship.

The Beginning

Even before I became enthralled with Plato’s Republic at age 13, I was curious about computers. The family computer, more than any other media, was a site of discovery. It was amazing what a person could learn and do in cyberspace. I voraciously studied several web programming languages. Mostly though, I would code in Visual Basic 6. One of my earliest creations was a basic alarm clock. Before the time of smart phones, if you wanted to wake up to something other than a bell ringing, you needed to download a costly MIDI ringtone to a cell phone or use a radio with an alarm feature. Lacking either of those options, I developed an alarm clock program that would play any sound file I chose. I woke up every day to a song from my friend’s band (you can listen to it performed live here: That Night Will Always be Remembered). I doubt many teens from the early 2000s can say the same!

From Self-Taught to Self-Hosted

I never stopped tinkering with programming projects, but I soon realized that they always depended on an external source to host or run the code. I wondered, “How do they do that? Can I do it myself?” So began a now 8+ year journey of building my own cloud. Whereas most other people rely on Google or Dropbox to provide their email, backup storage, and other digital services, I set about figuring out how to create my own. Now I might tell people I self-host for reliability or privacy, but when I started I never even considered the why. If I could do it, it seemed that the more necessary question would be, why not? The skills I learned from this little curiosity have provided a foundation for me to develop a second career path as a cloud support engineer.

Current Interests

  • Linux administration
  • Identity and Access Management (SSO, LDAP, PAM, ACLs, SELinux/AppArmor, Active Directory, etc.)
  • Cryptography (PGP, SSL/TLS, LUKS, TPM)
  • Golang
  • Open Source Software licensing


selected publications

  1. pw-cover.jpg
    Paper Weapons
    Jake Nabasny
  2. ka-cover.png
    Kitchen Alchemy
    Jake Nabasny
  3. d-cover.png
    Disavowal: The Metaphysics of Escape
    Jake Nabasny